Hewhocorrupts – Golden Parachute

ARTIST : Hewhocorrupts
TITLE : Golden Parachute
LABEL : Forge Again Records
RELEASE : 3/11/2022
GENRE : metal, hardcore

1.Checking Mic Marker
2.Mrs. Andretti’s Hustlers
3.Mic Marker Checked
4.16.7 Overture
5.She’s a Fire Engine
6.Linguistic Violations
7.Saigon’s Still Kickin’
8.Unload the White Load
9.This is Beatbox
10.Canada, Shakespeare, Canada
11.Your Mama on the Rocks
12.Whose Ball Bearings Need Greasin’?
13.Pain in the Tight Pants
14.Fuck You & F That
15.Grinding for Jesus
16.This Is What We Are All About
17.Esteemed Colleagues and Associates
18.Introductory Offer
19.Where’s the F’n Ball?
20.Just So We’re on the Same Page
21.Hands Off My Dow Jones
22.You Dropped the Ball
23.The Ball Is In Your Court
24.Last of the Financial Statements
25.Maybe You Should Grow Balls
26.Livin La Vegas Loca
27.Suck My Caucus
28.Same Shit Different Toilet
29.Mike Muir on Wall Street
30.Derek Black’s Body Karate
31.Smoke’n In The Boys Room
32.Jesus Luncheon
34.Tommy Camaro’s True Story
35.Suge Knight is at My BBQ
36.Last of the Financial Statements (Audited Results)
37.Daddy Like
38.In a Field Eating Fritos
39.Gamestop Stonks Destroyed My Life
40.Ameritrade Deez Nuts
41.Pandemic Particle Accelerator
42.Chin Diapers
43.Corporate Made Me Change My Email Signature
44.Master of Profits (MIDI)
45.Sell ‘Em All (MIDI)
46.One Million Dollars (MIDI)
47.Wall Street Revisited (MIDI)
48.Ride the Limo (MIDI)
49.Sell ‘Em All (Acoustic)
50.One Block East, Two Blocks Up Your Ass (Acoustic)
51.Scream in Sonar (Acoustic)
52.Baby, You’re So Worth the Investment (Acoustic)
53.Broker (Acoustic)

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