The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries – Suns Out Guns Out

ARTIST : The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries
TITLE : Suns Out Guns Out
LABEL : Ernest Jenning Record Co.
RELEASE : 2/26/2021
GENRE : altrock, rock
LOCATION : Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts

1.MC Modern
2.Betty Ford James
3.Jail Material
4.After You
5.The Daily Biscuit
6.Chalk It Up To Island Time
7.The Know It All
9.Ida Sez
10.Betty Ford James
11.Washing The Water

Elisha Wiesner (Kahoots), Bob Weston (Shellac, Volcano Suns, Mission of Burma), そして Chris Brokaw (Come, Codeine, The New Year) によるバンド The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries が、2013年のデビュー作 ‘Mass. Grave’ 以来となるアルバム ‘Suns Out Guns Out’ を Ernest Jenning Record Co. からリリース。