Taco Tapes – trad is rad

ARTIST : Taco Tapes
TITLE : trad is rad
LABEL : American Standard Time Records
RELEASE : 2/28/2021
GENRE : folk, country, cover
LOCATION : Seattle

1.Sail Away Ladies (trad.)
2.Cold And Frosty Morning (trad.)
3.Melinda (Tom Petty / Benmont Tench)
4.Whisky For Breakfast (trad.)
5.Wishful Thinking (Owen Cook)
6.Penny Down The Drain (Bay / Walden)
7.Blue Tooth Skip (Walden)
8.Black Widow (Michelle Shocked)
9.The Fool (Jeremy James Meyer)
10.Blackest Crow (trad.)

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シアトルを拠点にするトラディショナル・フォーク、カントリー・バンド Taco Tapes が、カバー・アルバム ‘trad is rad’ を、American Standard Time Records からリリース。