Kate Davis – Strange Boy

ARTIST : Kate Davis
TITLE : Strange Boy
LABEL : Solitaire Recordings
RELEASE : 1/15/2021
GENRE : indiepop, dreampop, jazz, cover

1.Make God Your Boyfriend
2.I’ll Do Anything But Breakdance For Ya, Darling
3.Loveless Friend
4.Bye Bye Barbie
5.You Are Going To Die Alone
6.Fighting With Myself
7.The End Of Your Life
8.Too Young To Die
9.Is That Cheesy?
10.This Song
11.One Of Her Depressing Playlists
12.Feels Good
13.Licking Baby George
14.Oh No
15.He Can Really Rock
16.Strange Boy
17.If My Ears Were Better And I Could Understand The Words
18.True Love Will Find You In The End

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ニューヨークを拠点にするシンガー/ミュージシャンで、Sharon Van Etten のシングル “Seventeen” を共作した人物でもある Kate Davis が、2019年のデビュー・アルバム ‘Trophy’ に続く新作は、Daniel Johnston の ‘Retired Boxer’ をフル・カバーした ‘Strange Boy’ を、Solitaire Recordings からリリース。

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