I’m Kingfisher – The Past Has Begun

ARTIST : I’m Kingfisher
TITLE : The Past Has Begun
LABEL : Fading Trails Recordings
RELEASE : 10/9/2020
GENRE : altfolk, indiefolk, ssw
LOCATION : Lund, Sweden
BUY : Bandcamp, Official

1.Pocket Soul
2.Captain, I’m Going Blind (feat. Vilma Flood)
3.Mess Minus Room
4.Untimely Passion
5.Children’s Atom Bomb (feat. Slowgold)
6.The Plausible Impossible (feat. Vilma Flood)
7.If That’s All You Got on Me
8.Dirty (feat. Ella Blixt)
9.Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery
10.The Biggest Blow
11.Is Nature Really That Cruel?
12.And They Say You Can’t Love Two at Once
13.Breakthrough at 42

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スウェーデンはルンドを拠点にするシンガーソングライター Thomas Jonsson によるオルタナフォーク、インディフォーク・プロジェクト I’m Kingfisher の新作アルバム ‘The Past Has Begun’ が、Fading Trails Recordings からリリース。