glass beach – alchemist rats beg bashful (remixes)

ARTIST : glass beach
TITLE : alchemist rats beg bashful (remixes)
LABEL : Run For Cover Records
RELEASE : 3/5/2021
GENRE : punk, synthpop, emo
LOCATION : Los Angeles, California

1.jhariah dies and goes to hell (Jhariah)
2.(rat castle) (fantasyluv dreamix)
3.(FOREVER!!!!!!!!!) [WOW OK Remix]
4.Blood Rivers Remix (backxwash)
5.Dallas (jackson from online cowboy billionare mix)
6.neon glow (floral tattoo version)
7.yoshis island (clover & sealife world 7×7 mix)
8.Calico (Skatune Network Emo Rocksteady Cover)
9.Planetarium (Shalfi) beach (Twinkle Park ornamental ver)
11.bathroom community (Pinkshift)
12.Bone Skull (Bartees Strange Remix)
13.Rat Castle (Skylar Spence Remix)
14.LOST!!!!!! (Dre Dupre)
15.cold weather (GWIZ ‘180mph on the 405’ Remix)
16.blood rivers (onlytom remix)
17.Orchids Reimagined (Nnamdi)
18.Neon Glow (Dogleg)

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ロスアンジェルスを拠点にするシンセ、パンク、エモ・バンド Glass Beach が、Run For Cover からリミックスやカバー曲などを収録した ‘alchemist rats beg bashful (remixes)’ をリリース。

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