Cannabis Corpse – Choice Nugs

ARTIST : Cannabis Corpse
TITLE : Choice Nugs
LABEL : Season of Mist
RELEASE : 3/8/2021
GENRE : deathmetal
LOCATION : Richmond, Virginia

1.The 420th Crusade
2.Cylinders of Madness
3.Dawn of Weed Possession
4.Chronic Breed
5.Zero Weed Tolerance
6.Baptized in Bud
7.Gateways to Inhalation
8.Where the Kind Lives
9.Skull Full of Bong Hits
10.Mummified in Bong Water
12.Blunted at Birth
13.I Will Smoke You

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ヴァージニアはリッチモンドのデスメタル・バンド Cannabis Corpse の新作アルバム ‘Choice Nugs’ が、Season of Mist からリリース。

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