Yves Jarvis – The Same But By Different Means

ARTIST : Yves Jarvis
TITLE : The Same But By Different Means
LABEL : Anti-
RELEASE : 3/1/2019
GENRE : soul, folk, country
LOCATION : Montreal, Quebec

1.To Say That is Easy
2.The Plight Comes
3.Sugar Coated
4.Nothing New
5.Constant Change
6.Out of the Blue, Into Both Hands
7.Into the Forefront
10.Curtain of Rain
11.Hard to Say Bye
12.Fruits of Disillusion
13.That Don't Make It So
14.Pigs at the Helm
15.Time and Place
16.Blue V
17.Goodbye Reason, Goodbye Rhyme
18.Dew of the Dusk
19.Talking or Listening?
20.Glory to You
21.Exercise E
22.The Truth

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モントリオールを拠点にするオルタナ・ソウル、フォーク、カントリー・アーティスト Yves Jarvis が、新作アルバムをリリース。