William Doyle – Great Spans of Muddy Time

ARTIST : William Doyle
TITLE : Great Spans of Muddy Time
LABEL : Tough Love
RELEASE : 3/19/2021
GENRE : artpop, kraut, ssw
LOCATION : London, England

1.I Need To Keep You In My Life
2.And Everything Changed (But I Feel Alright)
3.Somewhere Totally Else
5.Who Cares
6.Nothing At All
8.New Uncertainties
9.St. Giles’ Hill
11.A Forgotten Film
12.Theme From Muddy Time
13.[a sea of thoughts behind it]

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East India Youth 名義で知られる William Doyle が、人生3作目のアルバム ‘Great Spans of Muddy Time’ を、本名名義 William Doyle として Tough Love からリリース。