Un Blonde – Good Will Come To You

ARTIST : Un Blonde
TITLE : Good Will Come To You
LABEL : Egg Paper Records
RELEASE : 6/1/2016
GENRE : folk,soul,bedroom

2.On My Grind
3.Open Sesame
4.I’m Free
5.Rain Will Not Change
6.I Felt The Evening Come Through The Window
7.Brand New
8.Exercise A
9.Staying In Line
10.In Harmony
11.Who I Am
12.Take Me Higher
13.The Real Way
14.Heat Of The Afternoon
15.A Level Playing Field
16.No Fronting
17.The Time It Takes
18.True Love
19.Look At Me Deep (Mutual Love)
20.Rain Cannot Change
21.Trust Your Judgement

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カナダのアーティスト、Jean-Sebastien Audet によるベッドルーム・ソウルフォーク・
プロジェクト Un Blonde が、新作アルバム、’Good Will Come To You’ を、Egg Paper Records からリリース。