U.S.Highball – Up To High Doh

ARTIST : U.S.Highball
TITLE : Up To High Doh
LABEL : Lame-O Records
RELEASE : 11/20/2020
GENRE : indiepop
LOCATION : Glasgow, Scotland
BUY : Bandcamp, Official

1.New Neighbour
2.Country Garden
3.Parking Lot
4.Traveling Man
5.Home Of Happiness
6.Jesse Cohen
7.Swimming Pools
8.Extreme Moderation
9.Don’t Let It Be Me
10.Wild In The Streets
11.Your Life To Live
12.The Yes, The No, The Maybe

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グラスゴーのインディポップ・デュオ U.S.Highball が、Lame-O Records から新作アルバム ‘Up To High Doh’ をリリース。