The Innocence Mission – See You Tomorrow

ARTIST : The Innocence Mission
TITLE : See You Tomorrow
LABEL : Bella Union
RELEASE : 1/17/2020
GENRE : folk
LOCATION : Lancaster, Pennsylvania

1.The Brothers Williams Said
2.On Your Side
4.We Don’t Know How to Say Why
5.St. Francis and the Future
6.At Lake Maureen
7.John as Well
8.This Boat
9.Mary Margaret in Mid-Air
10.Stars That Fall Away from Us
11.I Would Be There

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ランカスターで1985年に結成されたフォーク・バンド The Innocence Mission が、2018年の ‘Sun On The Square’ 以来となる新作アルバム ‘See You Tomorrow’ を、Bella Union からリリース。