The Fall of Troy – Mukiltearth

ARTIST : The Fall of Troy
TITLE : Mukiltearth
LABEL : Big Scary Monsters
RELEASE : 10/23/2020
GENRE : postcore, punk, emo
LOCATION : Mukilteo, Washington
BUY : Bandcamp, Official

1.A Tribute to Orville Wilcox
2.Chain Wallet, Nike Shoes
3.The Tears of Green Eyed Angels
4.Mirrors Are More Fun Than Television
5.The Day The Strength of Men Failed
6.Knife Fight At The Mormon Church
7.Counting Sheet
10.We Are The Future

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ワシントン、マカティオ出身のポストコア、エモコア・バンド The Fall of Troy が、新作アルバム ‘Mukiltearth’ を Big Scary Monsters からリリース。