Teeth Agency – You Don’t Have To Live In Pain

ARTIST : Teeth Agency
TITLE : You Don’t Have To Live In Pain
LABEL : Stones Throw
RELEASE : 3/12/2021
GENRE : electronic, psychedelic, weird
LOCATION : London, England

2.Wolfs Jam
3.Many People (Remake)
4.Jesse / Eska Games
5.The Dummy Run
6.Fazer Folk (Teeth Version)
7.Abbana Kange
8.Queen Of The Night
9.One For Tusk
10.Harpoon Land (Remake)
11.Fly Porridge
12.Do You Like Bunnies
13.Chucky Had A Bad Day
14.Clean New Old Me

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Jesse Hackett (London) と Mariano Chavez (Chicago) によるサイケデリック、オリエンタル、ワイヤード・プロジェクト Teeth Agency が、Stones Throw から新作アルバム ‘You Don’t Have To Live In Pain’ をリリース。