Steven R. Smith – A Sketchbook of Endings

ARTIST : Steven R. Smith
TITLE : A Sketchbook of Endings
LABEL : Soft Abuse
RELEASE : 5/31/2019
GENRE : psychedelic,guitar
LOCATION : California

2.Everything in Circles
3.Copper Arches
4.The Days Have Wiped Away the Image
6.That Which is Many, Yet None
7.All Things That Shall Be
8.Hollow Victories in Godforsaken Lands
9.The Pale Tree
10.A Bird That is All Birds
11.The Toppled Era
12.A Series of Courtyards Reversed
13.The Weaving Mill
14.Let Us Return
15.Mourning Weeds

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カルフォルニアを拠点にするギタリストで、Ulaan Passerine, Ulaan Khol, Ulaan Markhor, Hala Strana といった名義やプロジェクトでも活動する Steven R. Smith が、本名名義で8年ぶりに新作アルバム ‘A Sketchbook of Endings’ を、Soft Abuse からリリース。