Starfruit – Wild West Comba

ARTIST : Starfruit
TITLE : Wild West Comba
LABEL : Dreamy Life Records
RELEASE : 1/24/2019
GENRE : indiepop, postpunk, avanpop
LOCATION : Dallas, Texas

1.Still a Baby
2.Knife Life
3.You Don’t Have To
4.Flesh Punctured by Church’s Fist
5.With God Inside You
6.Barbarians of Grey Fire
7.Cake with Candles
8.AVA Winter → Spring
9.Divine Is Mine
10.Metropolis Rock
11.I Can See In
12.Big Armed Truck Driver
13.Chests Full of Air
14.Song of My Birth
15.The Number Of The Beast

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ダラスを拠点にするバブルガム・アヴァンポップ、プログレ・ポストパンク、ノイズポップ・バンド Starfruit が、デビュー・アルバム ‘Wild West Comba’ を Dreamy Life Records からリリース。