Solarized – A Ghost Across Hell from Me

ARTIST : Solarized
TITLE : A Ghost Across Hell from Me
LABEL : SRA Records
RELEASE : 10/11/2019
GENRE : punk, postpunk
LOCATION : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1.The Universe
2.10s Across the Borg
3.the fourth world
4.ZZZ..For Vendetta
5.Action! (Let the Liquid Talons Soak Into the Seams of Your Coat)
6.the moebius chair
8.Woke Without Weapons
9.Daughters of the Dust Bag
10.Portal / Vortex
11.Is This Where I Beg for the Prosthetic Leg?
14.A Ghost Across Hell From Me

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フィラデルフィアのポストパンク、パンク・バンド Solarized が、新作アルバム ‘A Ghost Across Hell from Me’ を、SRA Records からリリース。