Slaughter Beach, Dog – At The Moonbase

ARTIST : Slaughter Beach, Dog
TITLE : At The Moonbase
LABEL : Lame-O Records
RELEASE : 12/24.2020
GENRE : indierock, indiepop, ssw
LOCATION : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1.Are You There
2.Do You Understand (What Has Happened To You)
3.My Girl
5.Thinking Of You
6.A Modern Lay
7.At The Moonbase
8.Fell In Love
9.Song For Oscar’s
10.Van Morrison
11.Notes From a Brief Engagement (at the Boot & Saddle)

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インディロック、エモ・バンド Modern Baseball のフロントマン Jake Ewald によるソロ・バンド Slaughter Beach, Dog が、Lame-O Records から突然新作アルバム ‘At The Moonbase’ をリリース。