Siskiyou – Not Somewhere

ARTIST : Siskiyou
TITLE : Not Somewhere
LABEL : Constellation Records
RELEASE : 5/17/2019
GENRE : folk, experimental
LOCATION : Toronto, Ontario

1.Stop Trying
2.What Ifs
3.Temporary Weakness
4.The End II /// Song Of Joy
5.Untitled 32 (live off the land)
6.Dying Dying Dying /// Wake Wake Wake
7.Unreal Erections /// Severed Heads
8.Nothing Disease
10.Her Aim Is Tall
11.Stop Trying (jubilant reprise)
12.Unreal Erections /// Severed Heads (alternate outro)

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Colin Huebert (ex-Great Lake Swimmers) を中心とするエキスペリメンタル・フォーク・プロジェクト Siskiyou の新作アルバム ‘Not Somewhere’ が、Constellation Records からリリース。