Shmu – The Universe Is Inside My Body

TITLE : The Universe Is Inside My Body
LABEL : Orange Milk Records
RELEASE : 2/19/2021
GENRE : electronica, experimental, newage
LOCATION : Los Angels, California

1.❄Snow Arp Under the Viole(n)t Ocean🌊
2.€ (F-Zero Hero) 🥝 Fiction As The Greatest force🚀
3.Sapien 🧠 Stimulation Theory (Meaning borne of the stories we tell each other)
4.🍐Talking to the animals & fruits🎷🐢
5.{Tech, No Human}⚙ memories, thoughts & imaginations exist where?
6.🌬Ripple In The Cosmic Data Flow✨
7.Consciousness ~ Biological Waste♨
8.🦄Superhuman Desires & Sensations 🦄
9.The Soul Vs. Evolution Of The Birth Of New Gods ♻
10.The breaking of emotional bonds & intricate webs🌐
11.🚖my self automated car feels the ecosystem🌵 🌴 🌱 🌿
12.Intersubjective 🔮<

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ロスアンジェルスを拠点にするプロデューサー Samuel Chown によるエレクトロニカ、ニューエイジ、エキスペリメンタル・プロジェクト Shmu の新作アルバム ‘The Universe Is Inside My Body’ が、Orange Milk Records からリリース。

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