Shit and Shine – Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs

ARTIST : Shit and Shine
TITLE : Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs
LABEL : Riot Season Records
RELEASE : 11/22/2019
GENRE : experimental,electronic,techno,kraut,psychrock

1.Salty Tomato
2.Cooking Steaks In The Pocket
3.Tea Towel
4.Kentucky Cellphone (Featuring Tropical Trash)
5.Doing Drugs Selling Drugs
6.Several Times Two
7.Hammerlock Through Shattering Glass

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テキサスのエキスペリメンタル、エレクトロニック、テクノ、クラウト、サイケロック・デュオ Shit And Shine が、新作アルバム ‘Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs’ を、Riot Season Records からリリース。