Salami Rose Joe Louis – Zdenka 2080

ARTIST : Salami Rose Joe Louis
TITLE : Zdenka 2080
LABEL : Brainfeeder
RELEASE : 8/30/2019
GENRE : electronic, softpop, soul
LOCATION : California

2.Octagonal Room
3.She Wakes Up / First Dimension
4.Love the Sun
5.Cirrus Floccus / Second Dimension
6.Cumulous Potion (For the Clouds to Sing)
7.Nostalgic Montage
8.Meet Zee in 3-D / Third Dimension
9.Confessions of the Metropolis Spaceship
10.A Brief IntermissionUS25X1900545
11.Sitting with Thoughts
12.Earth Creature
13.Peculiar Machine / Fourth Dimension
15.You Get Blue
16.Diatoms and Dinoflagellates / Fifth Dimension
17.Transformation of a Molecule / Sixth Dimension
18.The Artist / Seventh Dimension
19.Collision, Gravity, Time
20.Heads Turn to Paintings
21.Cosmic Dawn / Eighth Dimension
22.To Be Continued…

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ベイエリアを拠点にするミュージシャン、コンポーザー、プロデューサー Lindsay Olsen によるプロジェクト Salami Rose Joe Louis が、Brainfeeder から新作アルバム ‘Zdenka 2080’ をリリース。