Remo Drive – A Portrait Of An Ugly Man

ARTIST : Remo Drive
TITLE : A Portrait Of An Ugly Man
LABEL : Epitaph
RELEASE : 6/26/2020
GENRE : emo, indiepop
LOCATION : Minnesota

1.A Guide To Live By
2.Star Worship
3.Dead Man
4.If I’ve Ever Looked Too Deep In Thought
5.The Ugly Man Sings
6.True Romance Lives
7.Ode to Joy 2
8.The Night I Kidnapped Remo Drive
9.A Flower and a Weed
10.Easy as That

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ミネソタのインディポップ、レトロポップ、エモ・バンド Remo Drive が、新作アルバム ‘A Portrait Of An Ugly Man’ を Epitaph からリリース。