Rachel Grimes – The Way Forth

ARTIST : Rachel Grimes
TITLE : The Way Forth
LABEL : Temporary Residence Ltd.
RELEASE : 11/1/2019
GENRE : folk, ssw, classical
LOCATION : Louisville, Kentucky

1.Got Ahold of Me
2.Postcard from Pauline
4.Sisterhood of Man
5.Red House School
6.The Hysterical Society
7.Nowhere on Earth
8.There Is No Other
9.The Spells
10.Fontaine Ferry
11.For So Long
12.Dix River Doxology
14.Bill of Sale
15.End of Dominion
17.A New Land

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ルイヴィル出身のフォーク・オペラ・シンガー Rachel Grimes の新作アルバム ‘The Way Forth’ が、Temporary Residence Ltd. からリリース。