Patriarchy – Reverse Circumcision: The Remixes

ARTIST : Patriarchy
TITLE : Reverse Circumcision: The Remixes
RELEASE : 1/29/2021
GENRE : goth, darkwave, synthpop
LOCATION : Los Angeles, California

1.I Don’t Wanna Die – Geneva Jacuzzi Remix
2.Hell Was Full – Bon Harris (of Nitzer Ebb) Remix
3.Burn The Witch – Drab Majesty Remix
4.It Goes Fast – Second Skin Remix
5.He Took It Out – John Fryer (of This Mortal Coil) Remix
6.Sweet Piece Of Meat – Xavier Swafford (of 3TEETH) Remix
7.Grind Your Bones – Rhys Fulber (of Front Line Assembly) Remix
8.I Don’t Wanna Die – Light Asylum Remix
9.Hell Was Full – ADULT. Remix

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ロスアンジェルスを拠点にするゴス、ダークウェーヴ、シンセポップ・プロジェクト Patriarchy のリミックス・アルバム ‘Reverse Circumcision: The Remixes’ を、DERO Arcade からリリース。

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