Ohbliv – Rugged Tranquility Volume 1 & 2

ARTIST : Ohbliv
TITLE : Rugged Tranquility Volume 1 & 2
LABEL : Paxico Records
RELEASE : 4/2/2021
GENRE : hiphop, beats
LOCATION : Richmond, Virginia

1.Rugged Tranquility
2.94 Bubble Jacket With The GoreTex
3.Tonight (All Nite Rockin)
5.Slapboxin’ Wit Ya Mama
6.Pennye For Your Thoughts
7.Sharing The Indo
8.Lemme Holla Holla
9.My Heart Can’t Take
10.Talk To Your Dog Like The Son Of Sam
11.Jungle Bunnies
12.And The Truth Shall Set You Free
13.Black Brigade
14.In Your Dreams
15.Jaye Miles
16.Freddie Jackson Suit Wearing…
17.Send It On Down
19.It Will Set You Free
20.Third Times A Charm
22.Da 1neWay
23.Much 2x
24.Improve Your Love
25.Thinkin Of U
26.Bone Apple Tea
27.You Know The Gawd
28.The Good Times
29.Essential Qualities
30.Inner Work pt 777
31.Lucky Day
32.Minutes Of Life
34.My Heart Can Take
35.Home (Come On)
36.High Depth

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リッチモンドのインストヒップホップ、ビーツ・プロデューサー Ohbliv が、新作アルバム ‘Rugged Tranquility’ を Paxico Records からリリース。

created by Rinker
¥1,600 (2021/05/11 12:14:27時点 Amazon調べ-詳細)
created by Rinker
¥1,600 (2021/05/11 12:14:27時点 Amazon調べ-詳細)