Mystery Lights, the – Too Much Tension!

ARTIST : The Mystery Lights
TITLE : Too Much Tension!
LABEL : Wick Records
RELEASE : 5/10/2019
GENRE : rock&roll,garage
LOCATION : Brooklyn, New York

2.I'm So Tired (of Living in the City)
3.Can't Get Through to My Head
4.Someone Else is in Control
5.Goin' Down
6.Wish That She'd Come Back
7.Thick Skin
8.Too Much Tension!
9.Watching the News Gives Me the Blues
10.It's Alright

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ニューヨークのロックンロール・バンド The Mystery Lights がセカンド・アルバムを Daptone 傘下の Wick Records からリリース。