Minus 5 ,the – Stroke Manor

ARTIST : The Minus 5
TITLE : Stroke Manor
LABEL : Yep Roc Records
RELEASE : 6/14/2019
GENRE : rock, folk
LOCATION : Seattle, Washington

1.Plascent Folk
2.My Collection
3.Beacon From RKO
4.Bleach Boys & Beach Girls
5.My Master Bull
6.Beatles Forever (Little Red)
7.Message of Mother
8.Well in Fact She Said
10.Pink Bag for Rip Torn
11.Scar Crow
12.Goodbye Braverman
13.Top Venom

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Scott McCaughey を中心とするフォーク、ロック・バンド The Minus 5 の新作アルバムがリリース。