Mica Levi – Ruff Dog

ARTIST : Mica Levi
TITLE : Ruff Dog
RELEASE : 12/16/2020
GENRE : indierock, noiserock, experimental
LOCATION : London, England

1.Ruff Dog
2.Kind of Strange
4.One Tear
5.Cold Eyes
6.Flower Bed 02:38
7.A plain clothed Jimi Hendrix drives me to Newcastle. For some reason the trip will take 3 days and he is going to do it for £150. He drives really smoothly and only listens to one album which is by someone with Joy in their name
8.Chains Baggy
9.Hi Gene
11.Ride Till We Die

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ロンドンのプロデューサー Mica Levi が、新作アルバム ‘Ruff Dog’ をセルフ・リリース。