Maxwell Stern – Impossible Sum

ARTIST : Maxwell Stern
TITLE : Impossible Sum
LABEL : Lauren Records
RELEASE : 9/25/2020
GENRE : indiepop, altfolk, ssw
LOCATION : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
BUY : Bandcamp, Official

1.Always Almost
2.Water Tower
3.Light Later Lately
4.Shiny Things
5.Left In The Living Room (feat. Laura Stevenson)
6.Born At The End Of A Year
7.Pull The Stars Down
8.Flyover Town
9.Never Ending Equals Sign
10.Going To My Brother’s House
11.Warm In Your Car

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フィラデルフィアのオルタナフォーク、インディポップ・アーティスト Maxwell Stern が、Lauren Records からリリース。