Maxïmo Park – Nature Always Wins

ARTIST : Maxïmo Park
TITLE : Nature Always Wins
LABEL : Prolifica
RELEASE : 2/26/2021
GENRE : indierock, indiepop
LOCATION : New Castle, England
BUY : Bandcamp, Official

1.Partly Of My Making
2.Versions Of You
3.Baby, Sleep
5.All Of Me
6.Ardour (featuring Pauline Murray)
7.Meeting Up
8.Why Must A Building Burn
9.I Don’t Know What I’m Doing
10.The Acid Remark
11.Feelings I’m Supposed To Feel
12.Child Of The Flatlands

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ニューキャッスル出身のインディロック・バンド Maximo Park が、2019年のアルバム ‘As Long as We Keep Moving’ に続き、新作アルバム ‘Nature Always Wins’ をリリース。

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