Matthew De Gennaro – Laughing Lost in the Underground

ARTIST : Matthew De Gennaro
TITLE : Laughing Lost in the Underground
LABEL : Soft Abuse
RELEASE : 7/24/2020
GENRE : folk, guitar, goth
BUY : Bandcamp, Official

1.Will and Wishes
2.New Dance
3.Thoughts in Exile
4.I Shall Go Singing
5.Invitation to Hiding
6.Traveler’s Moon
7.In the Form of a Coffin Puller’s Song
8.Impromptu on a Hangover
9.Sinecure March
10.Laughing Lost in the Underground

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ゴシック、フォーク・ギタリスト Matthew De Gennaro の新作アルバム ‘Laughing Lost in the Underground’ が Soft Abuse からリリース。