Martin Frawley – Undone at 31

ARTIST : Martin Frawley
TITLE : Undone at 31
LABEL : Merge Records
RELEASE : 2/22/2019
GENRE : indiepop,rock,ssw
LOCATION : Melbourne, Australia

1.You Want Me?
2.End of the Bar
3.What's on Your Mind
4.Just Like the Rest
5.Smoke in Your House
6.Chain Reaction
7.You Can't Win
8.Something About Me
9.Lo and Behold
10.Come Home
11.Where the Heart Is

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メルボルンのインディ・バンド Twerps のメンバー Martin Frawley が、新作ソロ・アルバム ‘Undone at 31’ を Merge Records からリリース。

Martin Frawley