Godcaster – Long Haired Locusts

ARTIST : Godcaster
TITLE : Long Haired Locusts
LABEL : Ramp Local
RELEASE : 9/4/2020
GENRE : indierock, experimental
LOCATION : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
BUY : Bandcamp, Official

1.Even Your Blood Is Electric
2.Apparition of The Virgin Mary In My Neighborhood
3.Sassy Stick Boy
4.Dirtbike Bike (Vaccine Girl)
5.Don’t Make Stevie Wonder
6.Serpentine Carcass Crux Birth
7.Christ In Capsule Form
8.Blister Intercom
9.Escape From the Challenger Deep
10.Sexy Heffer
11.All The Feral Girls In The Universe
12.The Skull!!!
13.Bingo Bodies (Long Haired Locusts)

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フィラデルフィアを拠点にするエキスペリメンタル・ロック、インディロック・バンド Godcaster が、デビュー・フル・アルバム ‘Long Haired Locusts’ を、Ramp Local からリリース。