Kitty Kat Fan Club – Dreamy Little You

ARTIST : Kitty Kat Fan Club
TITLE : Dreamy Little You
LABEL : Asian Man Records
RELEASE : 5/31/2019
GENRE : diy,indiepop,punk
LOCATION : San Jose, California

1.Dreamy Little You
2.I'm Loving You More Than I Should
3.Every Island
4.Send Me A Message For The Holidays
5.Happy Now, Loving You
6.Beth and Me
7.You Got Me Modernized
8.There's Something Better They Keep Telling Me
9.I Could Be The One
10.I Never Trained For A Marathon Before
11.The Curtain Call
12.Giving Up The Worries For A Chance To Be Free

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サンノゼを拠点にする、Asian Man Records ファミリーによるプロジェクト・バンド Kitty Kat Fan Club のフル・アルバム ‘Dreamy Little You’ がリリース。