James Krivchenia – A New Found Relaxation

ARTIST : James Krivchenia
TITLE : A New Found Relaxation
RELEASE : 6/26/2020
GENRE : ambient, drone, experimental
LOCATION : Los Angeles, California

1.Temptation Reduced
2.In My Own Image
3.Loveless But Not Joyless
4.The Eternal Spectator
5.Idiot Passion
6.Touched By An Angel
7.Fountains Of Youth
9.A Better Kind Of Wrongness
10.Legendary Liquids
11.Head 2 Toe
12.Now I Walk In Beauty

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Big Thief のドラマー James Krivchenia が、アンビエント、ドローン・アルバム ‘A New Found Relaxation’ をソロ・リリース。