Jad and David Fair – Shake, Cackle and Squall

ARTIST : Jad and David Fair
TITLE : Shake, Cackle and Squall
LABEL : Joyful Noise Records
RELEASE : 8/5/2016
GENRE : rock

1 In-between Alive And Dead
2 Just Like Muddy Waters
3 Liars' Club
4 Misery Vs. The Blues
5 Popeye Is A Sailor
6 Shake (This Damn Place Up)
7 Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer
8 Hex Attached
9 Knocked Out Cold
10 Every Note I Pick Is Probably Wrong
11 There's Nothing Like Everything You Ever Said Before
12 Belly Of The Beast
13 Brag About My Band
14 Businessmen In Memphis
15 Colossus Fenella
16 Ed Wood Would
17 House Of Bricks
18 If I Could Write Like Harper Lee

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Half Japanese の Jad and David Fair 兄弟による新作アルバムが、Joyful Noise からリリース。