Heather Maloney – Soil in the Sky

ARTIST : Heather Maloney
TITLE : Soil in the Sky
LABEL : Signature Sounds Recording Inc.
RELEASE : 6/14/2019
GENRE : folk, ssw
LOCATION : Northampton, Massachusetts

1.Waking Up From A Nightmare
2.Enigma (feat. Rachael Price)
3.All in Your Name
4.Porch Story
5.Oklahoma Lullaby
6.We Were Together (feat. Taylor Goldsmith)
7.Hangin’ On
8.One Hundred Pennies
9.In Between
10.What I Don’t Know, Too (feat. Hayley Reardon)
11.Wild as a Birdsong
12.Backwards and Blindfolded

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ノーサンプトンを拠点にするフォーク・シンガー Heather Maloney が、新作アルバム ‘Soil in the Sky’ をリリース。