Hachiku – I’ll Probably Be Asleep

ARTIST : Hachiku
TITLE : I’ll Probably Be Asleep
LABEL : Milk! Records
RELEASE : 11/13/2020
GENRE : diy, indierock
LOCATION : Melbourne, Australia
BUY : Bandcamp, Official

1.I’ll Probably Be Asleep
2.Busy Being Boring
3.You’ll Probably Think This Song Is About You
4.Bridging Visa B
5.Dreams of Galapagos
6.A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman
7.Shark Attack
8.Murray’s Lullaby

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メルボルンを拠点にするシンガー、ミュージシャン Anika Ostendorf によるDIY、インディロック・プロジェクト Hachiku が、デビュー・アルバム ‘I’ll Probably Be Asleep’ を Milk! Records からリリース。