Generationals – Reader As Detective

ARTIST : Generationals
TITLE : Reader As Detective
LABEL : Polyvinyl Records
RELEASE : 7/19/2019
GENRE : indiepop,artpop
LOCATION : New Orleans, Louisiana

1.I've Been Wrong Before
2.I Turned My Back on the Written Word
3.Breaking Your Silence
4.A List of the Virtues
6.Xeno Bobby
7.Society of Winners
8.Deadbeat Shiver
9.Save This For Never
10.Dream Box


ニューオリンズのインディポップ、アートポップ・デュオ Generationals が、昨年リリースしたコレクション ‘State Dogs: Singles 2017​-​18‘ に続き、新作アルバム ‘Reader As Detective’ を、Polyvinyl Records からリリース。