Gajek – Vitamin D

ARTIST : Gajek
TITLE : Vitamin D
LABEL : Throttle Records
RELEASE : 8/7/2020
GENRE : kraut, experimental
LOCATION : Berlin, Germany
BUY : Bandcamp, Official

1.Present Your Work
2.The Shape Of Pipes To Come
3.Double Bind Avenue
4.Doorslams And Rock Slides
5.Balcony Development
6.And Yet It Feels Unplugged
7.People With Nicknames
8.When You Play The Flute, But Your Mother Is Like…
9.Summer Of Ecko
10.Western Aliens
11.Baba Wanga
12.No Peace In Stones

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ベルリンを拠点にするクラウト、エキスペリメンタル・アーティスト Gajek のフル・アルバム ‘Vitamin D’ を Throttle Records からリリース。