Frits Wentink & Erik Madigan Heck – Safe Passage

ARTIST : Frits Wentink & Erik Madigan Heck
TITLE : Safe Passage
LABEL : Dekmantel
RELEASE : 2/15/2021
GENRE : ambient, classical
LOCATION : Amsterdam, Netherlands

1.I am the half collected soul.
2.Beneath the shadow of a gnarled thorn.
3.What happiness to live, what joy to breathe?
4.An infant’s dream.
5.The breathless stillness of a rememberable life.
6.A choir of angels breathe from their sunless haunts.
7.The soul, the imagination of the whole.
8.Silently we sank, with a fracture in the vapor.
9.The self collected soul asks, is it not better to walk alone?
10.Safe Passage (Matthew Herbert’s “Withers” Dub)
11.Safe Passage (The Soft Pink Truth’s “The Weight of Pleasure” mix)
12.Safe Passage (BvDub’s “Breathless Haunts / Crush of Air” mix)
13.Safe Passage (East of Oceans’ “Delusion of Safety” mix)
14.Safe Passage (Frits Wentink ‘Garden’ Mix)

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アムステルダムのアンビエント、クラシカル・デュオ Frits Wentink & Erik Madigan Heck の新作アルバム ‘Safe Passage’ が、Dekmantel からリリース。

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