Free Throw – What’s Past Is Prologue

ARTIST : Free Throw
TITLE : What's Past Is Prologue
LABEL : Triple Crown Records
RELEASE : 3/29/2019
GENRE : emo, punk, indierock
LOCATION : Nashville, Tennessee

1.Smokes, Let's Go
2.Tail Whip, Struggle
3.The Corner's Dilemma
4.You Don't Say That
5.Stay Out Of The Basement
6.Anaconda Vice
7.Today is Especially Delicious
8.The Fix Is In
9.Perfect Driftwood
10.Monte Luna
11.Cerulean City
12.What's Past is Prologue

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ナッシュヴィルのエモ、パンク、インディロック・バンド Free Throw が新作アルバムをリリース。