Eluvium – Shuffle Drones

ARTIST : Eluvium
TITLE : Shuffle Drones
LABEL : Temporary Residence
RELEASE : 11/10/2017
GENRE : ambient

1.simply put
2.the suggested manner
3.of listening
4.to this work
5.is to isolate
6.the collection
7.and to randomize
8.the play pattern
9.on infinite repeat-
10.thus creating
11.a shuffling
12.drone orchestration
13.-the intent
14.is to create
15.a body
16.of work
17.specifically designed for
18.and in disruption of
19.modern listening habits
20.and to suggest something
21.peaceful, complex
22.unique, and ever-changing
23.thank you

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Matthew Cooper によるアンビエント・プロジェクト Eluvium が、タイトル通りシャッフル・プレイをしてもエンドレスなアンビエント作を Temporary Residence からリリース。

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