Dylan Henner – The Invention of the Human

ARTIST : Dylan Henner
TITLE : The Invention of the Human
RELEASE : 8/28/2020
GENRE : ambient, experimental, minimal
BUY : Bandcamp, Official

1.I Was Reading the News But I Felt So Sad I had to Stop
2.The Peach Tree Next Door Grew over our Fence
3.A Raccoon Got Loose in the House and Fell Asleep in the Laundry
4.Two Trains Came Through the Station At Once and It Felt like a Hurricane
5.I Watched them Jump into the Creek
6.The Lake was Covered in Lilypads
7.Little Frogs Swam by Every Now and Then
8.We Could Hear them Singing From Across The Valley

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アンビエント、エキスペリメンタル・プロデューサー Dylan Henner の新作アルバム ‘The Invention of the Human’ が、AD 93 からリリース。