Dreamwell – Modern Grotesque

ARTIST : Dreamwell
TITLE : Modern Grotesque
LABEL : Mourning Records
RELEASE : 2/26/2021
GENRE : emo, hardcore
LOCATION : Providence, Rhode Island

1.What Does It Mean to Live in a Grotesquerie?
2.Painting Myself a Darker Day
4.A Crouching Tiger Waits for Prey That Never Comes
5.Plague Father; Vermin Son
6.You Dreamt of Me. I Dreamt of a Mountain of Salt
7.The Vessel Bears My Face
8.The Lost Ballad of Dominic Anneghi
9.Modern Grotesque
10.Sisyphean Happiness

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プロヴィデンスのエモ、ハードコア・バンド Dreamwell が、新作アルバム ‘Modern Grotesque’ を、Mourning Records からリリース。