Darren Hayman – Home Time

ARTIST : Darren Hayman
TITLE : Home Time
LABEL : Fika Recordings
RELEASE : 5/22/2020
GENRE : indiepop, ssw
LOCATION : Walthamstow, England

1.Curl Up
2.I Was Thinking About You
3.Because We Were Impossible
4.I Am The Noise
5.I Want To Get Drunk
6.I Tried and I Tried and I Failed
7.I Love You, I Miss You, Come Back
8.Dinosaur Plate
9.The Joint Account
10.Kissing a Cloud
11.A Girl That I’m Seeing
12.Wrap Yourself Around Me

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Hefner の元メンバー Darren Hayman が、新作アルバム ‘Home Time’ を Fika Recordings からリリース。