Cunts – Cunts

ARTIST : Cunts
TITLE : Cunts
LABEL : Ipecac Recordings
RELEASE : 11/1/2019
GENRE : punk
LOCATION : Los Angeles, California

1.Ass To Grind
2.Dying to Hit
3.A Hero’s Welcome
4.Cholos on Acid
6.Cholos on PCP
7.Goin’ Out West
8.He’s A Lady
9.Supervised Visits
10.You Should See My Dad’s
11.Fail At Failure
12.Fuck You For Your Service
13.The Greater Good

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Kevin Avery (Retox/Planet B), Michael Crain (Dead Cross/Retox), Matt Cronk (Qui), bKeith Hendriksen (Virginia Reed) そして Sterling Riley (Hepa.Titus) で結成されたパンク、スラッシュ・バンド Cunts のデビュー・アルバムが Ipecac Recordings からリリース。