Crippled Black Phoenix – Great Escape

ARTIST : Crippled Black Phoenix
TITLE : Great Escape
LABEL : Season of Mist
RELEASE : 9/14/2018
GENRE : postpunk,experimantal
LOCATION : England

1.You Brought It Upon Yourselves
2.To You I Give
3.Uncivil War (Pt. I)
5.Times, They Are A Raging
6.Rain Black, Reign Heavy
7.Slow Motion Breakdown
9.Las Diabolical
10.Great Escape (Pt. I)
11.Great Escape (Pt. II) 13:

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UKのポストパンク、エキスペリメンタル・バンド Crippled Black Phoenix の新作アルバムが、Season of Mist からリリース。