Craig Finn – All These Perfect Crosses

ARTIST : Craig Finn
TITLE : All These Perfect Crosses
LABEL : Partisan Records
RELEASE : 2/26/2021
GENRE : rock, indiefolk, ssw
LOCATION : Brooklyn, New York

1.All These Perfect Crosses
2.It’s Never Been A Fair Fight
3.Ram in the Thicket
4.Wild Animals
5.Calvary Court
6.God In Chicago (Horn Version)
7.Eventually I Made It To Sioux City
8.They Know Where I Live
9.Sometimes She Doesn’t Call Back
10.Screenwriter’s School
11.Three Drinks
13.Calvary Court (Piano Version)
14.Rescue Blues (Demo)
15.Tangletown (Demo)
16.Plattsburgh (Acoustic)
17.It’s Never Been A Fair Fight (Acoustic)
18.Magic Marker (Acoustic)
19.Blankets (Acoustic)
20.Grant at Galena (Acoustic)

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ミネアポリスのシンガー・ソングライターで、The Hold Steady のフロントマン Craig Finn の3枚の作品 “Faith In The Future”, “We All Want The Same Things”, “I Need A New War” からのセッション・コレクション作をリリース。